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I’m not much of a writer, but even I feel the need to reflect on a year once it has passed, and one big part of my year was of course the Manga that I have read, for better or for worse. And so I shall use this small list to… well, list a few of the most memorable moments of Manga. View full article »

Recently i found the charger for my PSP. I had lost it a few months back and the poor console had to sit in hibernation for that time as i was unable to play anything on it. After finding the charger, i hooked the system up and started playing the first game that was in the console. That game was Mana Khemia: Student Alliance.

Yep, this is your Standard JRPG

If this cover looks too JRPG for your tastes, then that’s your review right there.

Mana Khemia: Student Alliance is a JRPG for the PSP. Its a spin-off of the Mana Khemia RPG for the PS2, with horrible loading times. You play as Vayne Aurelius, a boy who lived on his own with only his cat, Sulfer. One day, Vayne is invited to study Alchemy at Al-Revis Academy. There, he quickly makes friends with Jessica Philomele, a girl with an odd fascination with explosives with a strong maternal instinct, Nicole Mimi Tithel, a super strong Half-beast girl with a charming singing voice, and Flay Gunnar, who is Guy from Naruto with a giant buster sword(That, in fact, shoots ninja stars), as the acquire a workshop and work together in there studies of Alchemy. View full article »

My Father has a common practice for the week prior to father’s day. He will look over his wardrobe, his tools, anything he may need, and he gets it himself. I have learned a few years ago that he does this just so me and mom don’t have to worry about getting him something for the upcoming day in question.

This has lead to the tradition of my mother pulling me aside every day a week prior to father’s day, and complaining about how hard he makes father’s day for her.

Myself personally, i took the hint, and started my own tradition of getting him a card and some jelly beans 5 minutes before the Supermarket closes. He seem to appreciate this gesture.

One Last thing i want to mention, last year he attempted to purchase jelly beans for himself . It was the first and only time I’ve ever slapped something out of my father’s hands. Happy Father’s Day =).

My Mother left at around 1:45 PM to go to the grocery store for 4 items.

At 3:15 PM, i get a call from her at the dollar store asking if we wantr Swedish Fish candies.

She has yet to enter said Grocery Store…

Where the fuck did an hour and a half go?

…on another note, when she getting home with those Swedish fish?

You know, i think i’m writing this post only because i want to write right now. So i guess Avengers is the best topic i can talk about since my life is pretty much ruled by the movies during the summer. The summer blockbusters are always a fun event for me, and this year has already started out as a big hit with the Avengers movie.

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(Warning, Spoilers ahead)

So recently, when i’m listening to a podcast or something where i wanna sit at my computer and listen to, i’ll play a handheld game. My most recent game has been Final Fantasy 5. These are my thoughts on it.

Yep, we're talking about an old game today.

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Welcome back to Walt’s Manga Update. This time, Bakuman wraps up, Naruto has a decent chapter, and i talk way more about Hayate and Beelzebub then i expected.



Manga Chapters:
Bakuman 176 (Finale) (0:32 — 2:40)
Naruto 583 (2:40 — 6:08)
One Piece 664 (6:08 — 10:53)
Bleach 489 (10:53 — 13:10)
Reborn! 382 (13:10 — 16:02)
Fairy Tail 280 (16:02 — 20:01)
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi 471 (20:01 — 21:53)
Hayate the Combat Butler 359-360 (21:53 — 26:24)
Beelzebub 153 — (26:24 — 31:14)
Toriko 184 (31:14 — 34:26)
The World God Only Knows 186 (34:26 — 37:52)
Gantz 361 (37:52 — 39:02)
Soul Eater 97 (39:02 — 42:47)
Kimi ni Todoke 67 (42:47 — 46:29)
To-Love-Ru Darkness 18.5 (46:29 — 48:43)
Addicted to Curry 95 (48:43 — 50:19)

I’m not joking. this is gonna be filled with Spoilers of the final chapter, so if you haven’t read it yet or are catching up with the series, don’t read this. At All!

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