You know, i think i’m writing this post only because i want to write right now. So i guess Avengers is the best topic i can talk about since my life is pretty much ruled by the movies during the summer. The summer blockbusters are always a fun event for me, and this year has already started out as a big hit with the Avengers movie.

Now, here’s what i ask you. what can i say about Avengers that everyone hasn’t already said. Well, a week ago, nothing, but after a week has past, i can say at least this much. I have a rather bad memory. I can’t find it in me to recall many things, and often times, if i force myself to, i mostly remember them wrong. So, in order for me to remember a movie, it often has to be something down right awful, or brilliant. Avengers is, of course, the latter.

Avengers was a splendid movie from beginning to end. I enjoyed the acting, the fights were awesome, and my favorite part (not just Hulk smashing Loki like a Looney Tunes Cartoon i mean) was that not once did i feel like the movie asked me to turn off my brain while watching. Its surprising how little that happens now a days *Cough*Transformers*Cough*.

So yeah, i know i don’t have much to say on this movie, but i figured i’d start of my blogging on this years summer season the same way everyone else was. Oh, and let me say on more thing. No, i don’t think Dark Shadows is opening in Avengers Shadow, because there’re a week apart. Whoever wanted to see Avengers has already seen it. I think we can all say that with confidence.