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The next 3 parts to my continuing Unchated Let’s play. Enjoy.

Nabaat Coliseum Battle DLC Review


Why do i get the feeling this character was made so porn of her could be made?

In order to properly relay my feelings about this boss fight, i have to tell you my thoughts on the Yomi fight. The Yomi fight was different from any fight in the game as it went against convention. Yomi had a shield that it used after some time; this shield reset the stagger bar, healed him, and made him immune to attacks of any kind. The only way to deal with him and get the 5 Star Rating was to use Saboteurs to debuff him with deprotect, and then beat on him with Commando’s, switching to Sentinels and Medics when needed. You, see, i still like the Yomi fight despite its time consuming and difficult nature. It was a test of the gamer’s skill, to see if they knew how to manipulate the battle system to defeat an opponent that can counter your normal battle style. Now, one can think of the Nabaat fight in the same way, but if the Yomi fight was the proper way to do a difficult fight, Nabaat is the wrong way to do it.

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It is so fucking weird to follow up a post about Belly Inflation with WMU, but anyway…

Welcome Back to another Week of Walt’s Manga Update! This week, Reborn gets really dark, really quick, Kenichi has a Omake, and I can’t defend the Bakuman Plotline anymore.


Manga Chapters:
Nisekoi 17 (1:21 — 4:27)
Reborn 376 (4:27 — 7:32)
One Piece 659 (7:32 — 11:03)
Naruto 577 (11:03 — 13:38)
Bleach 484 (13:38 — 16:15)
Hunter X Hunter 339 (16:15 — 17:58)
Fairy Tail 274 (17:58 — 20:06)
Kenichi 466 (20:06 — 23:27)
Kenichi Omake (23:27 — 25:44)
Bakuman 170 (25:44 — 29:02)
The World God Only Knows 180 (29:02 — 30:42)
Toriko 179 (30:42 — 32:44)
Hayate the Combat Butler 354 (32:44 — 34:26)
Beelzebub 147 (34:26 — 35:52)
Liar Game 151 (35:52 — 37:56)
Gantz 359 (37:56 — 39:31)

The Next two parts of my Let’s Play Uncharted. Enjoy.

The first two parts to my Uncharted Let’s Play. Hope to have more parts up soon. Till then, please enjoy.

Its with this chapter that i give up.

After reading for 3 chapters, it doesn’t take an IQ above 300 to tell whats going on exactly. This series, in my opinion, has two goals in mind.

The First is to try to build characters that you would enjoy seeing. While a series can’t live off great characters alone, it does help a series. Keisuke and Makura are both very likable, and are a bit less bland then when the series started.

They really are likable characters. They just need a better plot.

The Second… is to out due Kenichi in Fan Service.

The Return... of DAT ASS!

This series has alot of fanservice and it doesn’t hide it. And while in Kenichi, where its just appeasing its male audience with it, Pajama na Kanojo seems more a series aimed to a female demographic, so… why? Ok i get it, WSJ is a magazine aimed at younger boys, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have stories that aim to the opposite sex. No one ever said a girl can’t like One Piece. So the fanservice really makes no sense. And to have it while pushing, what should be, a fairly innocent plotline, mixing sleeping beauty with modern day, just feels jarring and unnecessary.

This couldn't be more disney unless next chapter, Keisuke turns into a big hairy beast... or goes through puberty, same thing.

We also should talk about Shirai, who turns out in this chapter to be the granddaughter of the sleep specialist. Now the point of her is basically to be the second love interest, a role common in most romance manga. The only problem is that i can’t see her hooking up with Keisuke in any way. The relationship between Keisuke ans Makura has been built up in a way that it’s feels impossible that another woman could steal Keisuke away. So, what role does she really serve?

You were expecting, actual love interest?

Ok, one last thing i need to talk about for this chapter, and i would ask you read this next page closely, cause if you think about it long enough, it will hurt you like it did me.

Read the bottom part, and name the plot hole.

Do you see the plot hole here? Shall i say it? Ok i will.

How does nobody notice the random invisible person eating food, or why Keisuke’s parents don’t question why there are more dishes than normal to wash, or the bath tub still full after everyone is done bathing. Also, how is it that this “Ghost” gets hungry? This plot is slowly starting to make no sense while explaining nothing. And all we can hope is to get is a exposition dump from the sleep specialist.


For those of you that don’t know, if you reserved your copy of Final Fantasy 13-2 with Amazon. You got early access to the Omega Coliseum Battle. Granted, considering this guys strength, you probably didn’t get to fight him until late into the late game. Well, Omega has been released to the public, and i can honestly say, i think the book you got from best buy was the best pre-order bonus for this game at this point.

The Omega fight does have an interesting point to it. It seems immune to Ravager classes, along with having no stagger gauge. Well that’s pretty neat, putting up a fight that requires you make use of the stat boosts this game provides, while making for a good use of quick paradigm shifts to take down your opponent. And then the boss fight goes down hill.

After a while, Omega fights a pretty weak beam attack, almost making my defensive paradigm pointless, and them overheats, putting him in stagger. After that you just attack him with commando’s and more than half his life will go down rather quickly. After that, with its greatest weapon rendered useless, The Omega resorts to running around like a mad bull… i’m not even joking. Also, his life bar drops at least twice as fast as it did at the beginning.

Overall, this fight had some good idea’s, but sadly, it just turned out to be a rather boring fight that can be grinded out for the monster crystal rather quickly. And with the Amodar crystal already out, Omega has just lost all its usefulness. Folk, i’d highly recommend skipping this DLC and waiting for the next big fight to come out. Might i recommend Breath of Death and Cthulu Saves the World to pass the time til then?

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Manga Chapters:

Hayate the Combat Butler 352-353 (1:03 – 3:12)

Bleach 483 (3:12 – 5:43)

One Piece 568 (5:43 – 9:22)

Naruto 576 (9:22 – 11:49)

Fairy Tail 273 (11:49 – 14:34)

Hunter X Hunter 338 (14:34 – 18:02)

Reborn 375 (18:02 – 20:13)

Nisekoi 16 (20:13 – 21:56)

Bakuman 169 (21:56 – 24:00)

The World God Only Knows 179 (24:00 – 25:52)

Toriko 178 (25:52 – 28:29)

Liar Game 150 (28:29 – 30:06)

Detective Conan 809 (30:06 – 32:08)

Beelzebub 146 (32:08 – 33:14)

St&rs 22 (33:14 – 35:26)

To-Love-Ru Darkness 17 (35:26 – 37:06)

Baby Steps 85-87 (37:06 – 38:22)

Addicted to Curry 93 (38:22 – 41:02)