(Warning, Spoilers ahead)

So recently, when i’m listening to a podcast or something where i wanna sit at my computer and listen to, i’ll play a handheld game. My most recent game has been Final Fantasy 5. These are my thoughts on it.

Yep, we're talking about an old game today.

Have you ever heard that joke that Final Fantasy games are generic stories that revolve around protecting crystals, orbs, or whatever. Well, Its my belief that Final Fantasy 5 started this joke. This is the simpliest story i’ve ever played in all the time i’ve spent on RPG’s. The Story begins with the Wind crystal in danger. You play Bartz, a young lad that is pulled into an adventure to protect the crystals by Lenna, princess of the land and Galuf, an old man found next to a meteorite with amnesia. Venturing forward, you meet a pirate captain, Faris, that joins your party and you set off to protect the crystals.

On the whole, this story is lighthearted, but predictable. And i do mean predictable. Every cliche you can think of. Lenna and Faris are Long lost sisters, you got it. Galuf is actually a warrior that fought the bad guy, Exdeath, before and he dies later in the game, but of course. Bartz is the son of one of the warriors that fought with Galuf against Exdeath in the past, bitch i bet you can guess these faster than i can type them. Now, as i said, the story is actually very lighthearted despite all the death and destruction, which is an interesting change from the Final Fantasy games i’m use to play (Looking at you 7 & 8).

The Gameplay… well thats a different story. Its reminds me of the ATB System… but its not finished. All the basics are there, the meter fills, you get an action, and you use it, but its not like you think. First, the enemy can still attack you while your picking an action. That bugs me, but more than it should because the lvl, attack, defense scale in this game for player and villians are way unstable. You can fight something with no problem one minute, then meet an enemy that can hit you for 2000 points of damage in one attack. This is not right… another this is that the screen will never tell you why an attack with not hit. I don’t mean just missing, i mean it will just waste MP, and you will have no idea if you missed, if he’s immune, or if god hates you.

Another thing that bugs me is the job system. Now for the most part, the job system is actually a fun part of the game. With each battle , you get gil, experience, but you also get Ability points (AP in the game). This allows you to level up jobs, gaining new abilities with each level. For example, leveling up the Black Mage job will allow you to use higher level black magic outside of the that job. Now, what bugs me is the amount of AP they expect me to put into leveling certain classes. I think the archer job is the best example. The Archer job starts out fine, then it spikes to insane levels that really don’t make it worth the time. And trust me, I’ve looked on the wiki. Nothing really worth the time there. However, the jobs you’ll use the most are well balanced and worth the grind. Oh, and yes, you will need to take the time to Grind.

So, in conclusion, the game has a generic plot, a unfinished battle system, but a decent job system and a certain charm that’s hard to explain. Maybe its just that i’m happy to play a game where the hero isn’t a mopping emo and everyone looks at the horrifying scenes with a hint of optimism. Anyway, i recommend this game to RPG fans, but i’d say go for 4 or 6 if your not too big on RPG’s.