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My Mother left at around 1:45 PM to go to the grocery store for 4 items.

At 3:15 PM, i get a call from her at the dollar store asking if we wantr Swedish Fish candies.

She has yet to enter said Grocery Store…

Where the fuck did an hour and a half go?

…on another note, when she getting home with those Swedish fish?

You know, i think i’m writing this post only because i want to write right now. So i guess Avengers is the best topic i can talk about since my life is pretty much ruled by the movies during the summer. The summer blockbusters are always a fun event for me, and this year has already started out as a big hit with the Avengers movie.

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(Warning, Spoilers ahead)

So recently, when i’m listening to a podcast or something where i wanna sit at my computer and listen to, i’ll play a handheld game. My most recent game has been Final Fantasy 5. These are my thoughts on it.

Yep, we're talking about an old game today.

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