Hey There Folks, I’m the Walt… well since this is an about page, i guess i have to be real.

My name is Walter Holleger. And i started doing this because i really wanted my own podcast… a podcast I’ve yet to obtain.

I enjoy all forms of media, but I mostly follow Manga and Video Games. Whatever i may talk about on the day is just by pure chance that it popped into my head… well ok, there is a bit more order to this than that. I just like to talk about what i enjoy, be it a video game i’m currently playing, or series i’m currently reading.

Walt Reviews:

Walt Reviews is simply where i sit down with a video game or movie and make jokes at its expense. Mostly i review bad games and movies, but am not afraid to tackle some of the more loved films or games like Predator or Uncharted.

Walt’s Manga Update:

Walt’s Manga Update is a weekly series where i sit down and talk about all the chapters from the last week. All the Series i review are as followed:

One Piece



Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Hunter X Hunter


Baby Steps

Addicted to Curry

Hayate the Combat Butler

Detective Conan


The World God Only Knows

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi




Liar Game

Pokemon Reburst

Soul Eater


Kimi ni Todoke

To-Love-Ru Darkness

you can also see all the other manga i read and have read here:http://myanimelist.net/profile/TheWalt


There’s still plenty more to come, so lets have some fun with this while we can.