I’m not much of a writer, but even I feel the need to reflect on a year once it has passed, and one big part of my year was of course the Manga that I have read, for better or for worse. And so I shall use this small list to… well, list a few of the most memorable moments of Manga.

The Rise and Fall of Caesar(One Piece):

Who's Bad?

How to make a Douchebag awesome to watch 101

2012 was an interesting year for One Piece. As the Fishman Island Arc finished and the Strawhat Pirates finally moving to the New World, the last stretch in their Adventure to reach the treasure One Piece. So… kinda a big deal. So How do we introduce the New World, the next level in the Adventure, the area the Strawhats spent two years training to conquer?

With this guy:

The Joke below makes no sense.

Hunka-Hunka-Burning Love… FOR SCIENCE!

Caesar Clown was the first big villain the Strawhats faced once entering the New World; a former Navy Scientist working with Dr.Vegapunk that was too hellbent on using weapons to send the world to hell, thus getting his butt booted from the Navy, and while he won’t be remembered for being the strongest or the smartest of the villains the Strawhats will fight, he will probably be remember for being the most coldhearted, merciless, and down right insane of all the villains in One Piece, all of which are well earned titles for a man that drugs kids to death, manipulates people to their deaths, and is just all around a fun guy to watch.

Hail to the King Baby!


Of course, this made Luffy Punching the shit out of him all that much more fulfilling. So with the Year Ending on the End of Punk Hazard, we can rest easy knowing this Year Ending on the Strawhats kicking ass, and will safely escape the island of Punk Hazard…

The Don is on the Move

CliffHanger of the Year… literally.

Oh Right… that… Next Year is gonna start out awesome.

Magical Girls are EVIL!!!(Mahou Shoujo of the End):

For those of you not familiar with this series, allow me to paint the image into your brains. You’ve got a zombie apocalypse, but instead of just zombies, you’ve got magical girls from hell, each with a unique power, bent on killing of the entire human race. Nearly Indestructible with regenerative power, and anyone they kill with their power also becomes a zombie under their control. Yeah, Humanity is really boned this time.

This Series is kinda fucked in a few ways, but that makes it special.

What i love about this series is that, while at times it can feel like the same Zombie Survival plot  we’ve heard so many times before, especially in the last few years with the zombie boom, the different magical girls make this series very entertaining, as some of these girls are downright horrifying, in a way combining the zombie plot line with a monster movie plot line.

Plus i love anything horror that will take to Looney Toons for Killing Techniques

So far we have been introduced to 4 Magical Girls. One with a Stick that Blows up whatever it touches (Mainly People), A Girl with a Fire Breathing Dog, A Telekinetic Girl, and then we have the 4th and perhaps the most disturbing of all the Magical Girls so far.

I Give you: Parasite Girl


This is So… WRONG!!!

Parasite Girl is the size of Bacteria and takes over the Brain of an Human, in the case of the story, a little girl, increasing their strength and speed greatly to rip apart anyone that stands in her way. In order to communicate, she creates a artifical face on the head of the host. And she also gives me nightmares. Horrible, Horrible Nightmares.

Oh God Shes Coming at You! RUN!

Parasite Girl is easily the most threatening and disturbing of all Magical Girls we’ve seen thus far, and for good reason, ripping apart a crowd of people using a little girl before chasing after our main crew of heroes (Whose names I can’t remember. This isn’t a series I read for the character development.). Even at the end of the most recent chapter, I’m still scared of this thing, despite the chapter ending with our heroes winning over the parasite, landing a bullet right in her eye… The Magical Girls eye, not the Little Girls eye. We’ve already seen in the second chapter one of these Girls regenerate from having half her body blown away. one bullet won’t put this thing down.

Tis But A Flesh Wound!

Mahou Shoujo of the End is only 6 chapters into its run and I highly Recommend giving this series a read if you enjoy a over the top horror read, and can stomach one more Zombie series. And I claim Parasite Girl as the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in manga all year.

This is just Part 1 of my small count down of a few memorable moments from 2012, so join me next time when we talk about 2 more new series that have left a very lasting impression on me: Assassination Classroom & Shokegeki no Soma.