I’m not joking. this is gonna be filled with Spoilers of the final chapter, so if you haven’t read it yet or are catching up with the series, don’t read this. At All!

Even after all the bullshit, i still rooted for this Romance.

10 years. That’s how long has passed in this series since the promise was made in the first chapter. What exactly happened in that first chapter may i ask? Well lets go down the list and view all the goals that were set on that fateful night.

  • Mashiro and Takagi joined together to make a manga.
  • Azuki will become the voice actress to the anime of the manga they create.
  • Mashiro and Azuki agreed to get married when the two above goals have been reached.

Now i don’t think i need to tell you the first one was accomplished. Wouldn’t be a series about making manga if they couldn’t do this much. And of course, as i’ve talked about in my previous Walt’s Manga Updates Videos, Azuki, though not in the best written way. did become the voice actress to the Ashirogi Muto Manga, Reversi, a manga that could be argued is what they wish Death Note had been, but that’s another post for another time.

The Chapter is perhaps the most simplistic and least wordy chapter ever put out for the series, which works to the manga’s advantage. There’s no more need to focus on the trails and inner workings of the manga world, which is where much of the exposition came from. Instead, the endless dialogue bubbles are mostly filled with Mashiro’s inner thoughts, flashing back to the first chapter and the promise and how much has happened throughout the series.

Another part of this chapter is references to his uncles notebooks, which detail all the things he wanted to do if he ever was to propose to Azuki’s mother. So, he got a ferrari, took Azuki to the steps where the promise was first made, and it is there, that will the proposal and a single kiss, that Bakuman ends its 176 chapter run.

Personally, i enjoyed the ending to Bakuman, both as a fan of the romance of the series, and as an ending to the manga as a whole. Within the last few chapters of Bakuman, everything is resolved. Ashirogi beats Eiji, but you know that after the wedding, they’ll be right back at each others throats, each character is working hard at the craft and love life, and, something you think would be common, but is in surprisingly short supply in manga, it accomplishes everything the story set in front of the characters at the beginning of the story.

Bakuman was a fun series for Ohba and Obata to put out after Death Note finished, and i can’t wait to see what new manga they come up with next. Hell, they could probably spend the rest f their careers creating the manga they made in Bakuman and i can guarantee them at least one customer.

Goodnight Sweet Manga Prince. Rest knowing you have entertained your fans for the last 4 years, and more years to come with volumes.