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For those of you that don’t know, if you reserved your copy of Final Fantasy 13-2 with Amazon. You got early access to the Omega Coliseum Battle. Granted, considering this guys strength, you probably didn’t get to fight him until late into the late game. Well, Omega has been released to the public, and i can honestly say, i think the book you got from best buy was the best pre-order bonus for this game at this point.

The Omega fight does have an interesting point to it. It seems immune to Ravager classes, along with having no stagger gauge. Well that’s pretty neat, putting up a fight that requires you make use of the stat boosts this game provides, while making for a good use of quick paradigm shifts to take down your opponent. And then the boss fight goes down hill.

After a while, Omega fights a pretty weak beam attack, almost making my defensive paradigm pointless, and them overheats, putting him in stagger. After that you just attack him with commando’s and more than half his life will go down rather quickly. After that, with its greatest weapon rendered useless, The Omega resorts to running around like a mad bull… i’m not even joking. Also, his life bar drops at least twice as fast as it did at the beginning.

Overall, this fight had some good idea’s, but sadly, it just turned out to be a rather boring fight that can be grinded out for the monster crystal rather quickly. And with the Amodar crystal already out, Omega has just lost all its usefulness. Folk, i’d highly recommend skipping this DLC and waiting for the next big fight to come out. Might i recommend Breath of Death and Cthulu Saves the World to pass the time til then?

Now with Final Fantasy 13-2 being the only game i’m likely to get for the year, i wanna at least get some good DLC for it (Been looking at Rayman Origin’s for a bit now. Would love if anyone could comment telling me how it was). So, with two DLC already out for the game, i of course wanted to see take them for a run. So, here’s my quick review of the DLC for FF13-2

Lightning/Amodar Coliseum Fights:

In case your wondering, they do paradigm shift.

Naturally, this was a end game fight, but i was worried that with excessive leveling i’d done just hunting down the remaining Fragments would make this fight a bit on the easy side and would just end up being a grind fest to get the Lightning and Amodar monster Crystals. However, i did find this fight to be fun. Lightning and Amodar use Paradigm Shifts in this fight, something not commonly done. Now their is a good side and a bad side to this. The good side is that it does provide a new degree of challenge to the fight, where your left trying to counter combo’s like Sentinal/Medic , or the classic Commando/Ravager. Hell, they even have Saboteur/Synergist. The bad part is that its not hard to counter at all. Even ¬†against Sentinal, it was still easy enough for me to balance out the damage with the healing, cancelling each other out, but still the Stagger gauge would fill. That’s one big problem for giving the opponent paradigm shifts, they don’t have a stagger bar to fill, so whats the point of paradigm shifts. Also, i would like to see some more intelligent choices from the AI. Nothing like everytime i go in for an attack, they switch to sentinal half way through, but enough to know that its best to start out with Saboteur/Synergist, rather than half way into the fight. Overall, its a fun fight, and i do wanna see some more from Square Enix with this kind of DLC. Just at a cheaper price as well.

Sazh: Heads or Tails DLC:

Perfect Day for Gambling.

It’s a normal day or work for Sazh on Gran Pulse. After the fight against the Fal’Cie, Sazh took a job flying cargo and passengers between villages. All seems peaceful when suddenly a time paradox occurred. Sazh and his son, Dajh, were sucked into the Paradox, Sazh and his chocobo trademark appearing in the Serendipity, where he must play casino games to win Fortune medals to be reunited with his son. Overall, its basically an add-on to the casino, however, something i noticed afterward was the casino games weren’t available in the original Serendipity, just in the DLC one that’s unlocked… is this going to happen often? Anyway, the basic gameplay revolves around the two casino games unlocked, poker and a new card game Chronobond. And i would explain the game of Chronobond, but really its not necessary since you can farm the 30 fortune medals in 10 minutes. Wanna know how? Just go all in first thing in a Poker game. Bad or Good hand, just go all in, and everyone else will chicken out, winning you two medals for each win like this. Overall, poker works fine, but Chronobond is the more enjoyable game to play, thus its harder to get medals at. Oh, and Sazh is one of the best Synergists in the game. I did enjoy the DLC, especially Chronobond, even if it has not point except to waste time in game, so i can recommend this DLC.