I decided recently that i did overall enjoy 13-2 enough, despite the middle finger ending, to check out some DLC. Now while i’m currently playing The Sazh DLC and don’t wish to comment on it yet, i have completed the Lightning/Amodar. I’ll get into more details about my thoughts on that in a later post, but this got me thinking. I really wanna see alot of characters brought to this arena for a good fight(so long as they all don’t cost 3 dollars a pop) And i don’t just want Final Fantasy Characters either. Lets branch out into all the Square Enix Games. So thats the topic folks. I present to you, My Top 10 Favorite Potential DLC Coliseum Fights.

(Warning: all images you see here were found with a search on Google Images. I take no credit for any picture you may see here. I’m simply using them cause i thought they were good pictures.)

#10 – Sora & Roxas from Kingdom Hearts

I think we can make this fight work like Amamiya from Psyren.

Since we started down this path we a tag team fight, i figured we would start ours the same with Sora & Roxas. Now i’m sure many people are wondering why i didn’t include Riku in this. Partly because i was already scared enough typing Sora & Roxas into google images, i wasn’t going to the tillogy of Yaoi, but also because i really like the idea of it. Sora and Roxas are basically two bodies of the same mind. I say we make there fighting styles similar to that. Make the fight really flashy with some fun aerodynamic movements and timing that shouldn’t be possible, even for a team like Serah & Noel, but for them, they know exactly what the other is going to do, meaning that they can movie in unison and make a grand team. Just an idea, but one i would really like to see.

Sora: Commando     Roxas: Saboteur

#9 – Freya, Quina, & Amarant from Final Fantasy 9

Couldn't find one with just the three of them alone. This doesn't surprise me.

For Those of you who maybe never played FF9, allow me to tell you which ones i’m talking about. Freya is the Rat Girl dressed all in Red carrying a spear, Amarant is the guy with his back turned and a lot of red hair, and Quina is the one that made you go wide-eyed and yell “THE FUCK!!!11!”

Now this is actually more of a tie than a team up, but if you prefer to see these 3 team up, by all means hope, but i can see these guys better as seperate fights. Quina especially. So here’s my seperate reasoning for each one.


Freya was a pretty cool character. She was a Dragon Knight, with special dragon related powers. The only problem was that her entire story sorta ended before even the half way point in the game. And while her powers were fun to use, in a practical fight, she was pretty much left to the side. Being Honest, you can beat the whole game with the team of Zidane, Eiko, Amarant, & Quina. Freya was pretty much a gimmick character in battle, and that’s why i think she deserves to be revived as a playable creature in 13-2, because i feel she should get a second chance to leave a lasting impression on the FF community.


Amarant was the loner of the team. He was the last to join and the first to do things on his own. In the end, he saw that when people teamed up and worked together, they could accomplish more than any one man could do. He was pretty much meant to be the badass of the group. Oh, and he had some of the best abilities in the game, making him a great end game fighter.


Quina don’t give a fuck. The world is ending around him and Quina couldn’t give two shits. Quina just eats and sleeps. Quina is Awesome.

Freya: Synergist    Amarant: Saboteur   Quina: Ravager

#8 – Quistis from Final Fantasy 8


Ok, so why is Quistis on this list. Well think about it folks. Quistis, no matter what your feelings on Final Fantasy 8 are, is perhaps one of the hottest babe in all of gaming, even in the Final Fantasy, and no one has thought to combine that with the beautiful graphics of FF13?. If i can be brutally honest, i knew some guys growing up that looked at jessica rabbit the same way i was looking as Quistis. I truly believe she is the reason why a girl wearing glasses is such a sexual turn on for me. Damnit, there were just times during the game when i wanted to stop this bullshit world saving mission, grab Quistis and kiss her passionately, removing her clothes slowly, letting the mood build upon itself. Then finally, starring down at that naked body, unzip my pants and make love to her with my big, throbbing… i’m sorry. Sometimes, it seems like my Penis has its own pair of hands to write with.

There is another reason i picked her. Her move list would be fucking awesome. In Fact, she would make a great tag partner with Quina. Both are the blue mages of their respectable games. A Blue mage is a mage that learns moves from the enemies of the game. but rather than give them a bunch of moves from FF 13-2 monsters, give them their move lists from their games. Dude, nothing hotter than a chick shooting missles from her tits. I like a girl that tries to take control.

Quistis: Ravager

#7 – Neku from The World Ends With You

Lazy Bomber would make this fight so fucking cheap

Thinking through the RPG’s i’ve played, i realized how much of a mistake including other Square Enix games in this list. But god damnit, i got 2 on this list now, and neither are place holders. Yes!

Neku is the main hero of The World Ends with You, and oh my god, the combat system of this game makes for a pretty unique, and possibly cheap battle. Seriously, look up the Lazy Bomber on youtube. Trust me, this would suck. A lot.

Neku: Ravager

#6 – Chaos from Final Fantasy

We've all dreamed of it. Now, lets make Chaos our bitch!

Oh, did you think this was gonna be a list of all hero’s. Well fuck you then. Chaos was the first final boss of any Final Fantasy game. It was just an amazing feeling the first time i defeated him and finally beat the first Final Fantasy… surprised that sentence didn’t cause time to implode. Anyway, he was a dangerous fighter with tons of magic and attack that could deal a damn good amount of damage if you weren’t ready. The only reason i listed him out of the top 5 is the number of videos of him dying at the hands of a white mage. That’s weak dude. Really weak.

Chaos: Commando

#5 – Black, White, & Red Mage from Final Fantasy

Hell yeah we're including the Red mage in this

The Black and White mages have been one of the oldest staples of the Final Fantasy series. Now you can substitute Black mage and White mage for your favorite mages from the games, but personally, i’d like to see the original Black and White mages casting some spells from past games, like Meteor, Doomsday, and Ultima. The Red Mage i thought would be a fun little novelty for major fans of the First game.

Red: Synergist    Black: Ravager   White: Medic

#4 – Auron from Final Fantasy 10

A Jug of Booze and a Big Ass Sword. Oh yeah, this guys ready to fight God.

I’m not a fan of Final Fantasy 10. Yeah, i know, big shocker. But to be honest, i can tolerate it more than most haters of the game. Mainly when i’m listening to music over Tidus. But i think we can all agree; Auron was badass. Basically the heavy swordsman of the group, he was able to break through the opponents defenses and kick all kinds of ass. And that’s why this guy, possibly the best part of Final Fantasy, deserves to come back and kick some more ass.

Auron: Commando

#3 – Oglop from Final Fantasy 9

Stunned that i found as good a picture as this.

The Oglop is a complete troll pick on my part. And i couldn’t give two shits. Cause if i was in charge, i would make this guy free DLC on April Fools… and make him a more time consuming and headache inducing fight than the fucking Yomi was. Cause honestly, i’m kinda a dick.

Oglop: Sentinal(Why is a bug smaller than peoples feet a sentinal. Trololololo. That’s why.)

#2 – Trilogy Heroes from the entire series

Oh yeah, i'm thinking triple battles baby.

Ok, let me explain. A lot of people might call each 3 games a trilogy. And why not? The Final Fantasy games have been following a sort of pattern with every three games since its inception. The first game is the most basic of the three, sticking to a safer game play that people are familiar with. The Second game changes everything up, for better or worse, well, that depends on taste. The third takes from the first two games and often creates a game better than both the previous games.So its easy to see why some people see each 3 games of Final Fantasy as a trilogy. And i say we take the heroes of each trilogy and make them into teams to fight in 13-2. And now for the hardest part of all this…

Warrior of Light: Sentinal   Frion: Commando  Onion Knight: Ravager

Cecil: Commando  Bartz: Ravager  Terra: Synergist

Cloud: Commando  Squall: Ravager  Zidane: Saboteur

Tidus: Ravager  Shantotto: Medic Vaan: Commando

(For games like 3 & 11, which had no definite hero, i simply referred to the Dissidia games on the PSP. If this makes you mad in anyway, then i direct you off this blog… forever. Cause no one wants you here.)

#1 – Doomtrain from Final Fantasy 8

All the Yes!

Let’s face it. Doomtrain was the best Guardian Force in all of Final Fantasy 8. Hell, maybe one of the best summons in all of Final Fantasy. Just the build up to seeing this bastard run down your opponents is amazing. And he poisons enemies. Ha! This guy needs to get back in the game. Right Now! I don’t care if i have to pay for him. I would get him and grind for hours if needed to get this guy on my team. This is without a doubt, the #1 pick for potential DLC fights for 13-2.

Doomtrain: Saboteur… were you expecting something else?

Well folk, that was my first top 10. And it was long fucking work, but it was fun. Feel free to comment on your own personal choices for possible fights for 13-2, and i’ll catch you all later. I need a nap after this.