For those of you that don’t know, if you reserved your copy of Final Fantasy 13-2 with Amazon. You got early access to the Omega Coliseum Battle. Granted, considering this guys strength, you probably didn’t get to fight him until late into the late game. Well, Omega has been released to the public, and i can honestly say, i think the book you got from best buy was the best pre-order bonus for this game at this point.

The Omega fight does have an interesting point to it. It seems immune to Ravager classes, along with having no stagger gauge. Well that’s pretty neat, putting up a fight that requires you make use of the stat boosts this game provides, while making for a good use of quick paradigm shifts to take down your opponent. And then the boss fight goes down hill.

After a while, Omega fights a pretty weak beam attack, almost making my defensive paradigm pointless, and them overheats, putting him in stagger. After that you just attack him with commando’s and more than half his life will go down rather quickly. After that, with its greatest weapon rendered useless, The Omega resorts to running around like a mad bull… i’m not even joking. Also, his life bar drops at least twice as fast as it did at the beginning.

Overall, this fight had some good idea’s, but sadly, it just turned out to be a rather boring fight that can be grinded out for the monster crystal rather quickly. And with the Amodar crystal already out, Omega has just lost all its usefulness. Folk, i’d highly recommend skipping this DLC and waiting for the next big fight to come out. Might i recommend Breath of Death and Cthulu Saves the World to pass the time til then?