Why do i get the feeling this character was made so porn of her could be made?

In order to properly relay my feelings about this boss fight, i have to tell you my thoughts on the Yomi fight. The Yomi fight was different from any fight in the game as it went against convention. Yomi had a shield that it used after some time; this shield reset the stagger bar, healed him, and made him immune to attacks of any kind. The only way to deal with him and get the 5 Star Rating was to use Saboteurs to debuff him with deprotect, and then beat on him with Commando’s, switching to Sentinels and Medics when needed. You, see, i still like the Yomi fight despite its time consuming and difficult nature. It was a test of the gamer’s skill, to see if they knew how to manipulate the battle system to defeat an opponent that can counter your normal battle style. Now, one can think of the Nabaat fight in the same way, but if the Yomi fight was the proper way to do a difficult fight, Nabaat is the wrong way to do it.

Nabaat Battles by summoning allies to her side, consisting of Behemoths, Wolfs, and Psicom Soldiers. Nabaat is actually the most predictable boss fight in, dare i say, an Final Fantasy game i’ve ever played. Nabaat starts by summoning allies to her side, at least up to 5( Mostly 1 Behemoth, 2 Wolfs, and 2 Psicom Soldiers) that fight for her.After that, she will sacrifice her allies to implant buffs on herself, debuffs on you, and to heal herself. She then uses a move to daze all your players, but this can be counted with a long Feral Link used at the right moment. Her last move before restarting her battle plan is a move call Sadistic Surge, which is strong enough to kill one of your guys, but it only hits one, so its an easy revival.

Nabaat is also resistant to physical and Magical damage, and has a Stagger rate of 500%. The best way to damage her is to kill all her allies. When she goes to sacrifice her allies, instead she takes about 19000 hp from herself, which is more than you could hope to do just attacking her. Now that i’ve told you how to beat her basically, you might be thinking this will be a walk in the park, but don’t get your hopes up, because after round one, she does something unforgivable… she casted protect and shell on her allies…

Now, lets run down a checklist of what you need to do to deal just one bit of damage to her. You need to…

1. Use a team of Synergist’s to buff the entire party

2. Switch to a damage dealing team, preferably with a Saboteur to handle the Buffs.

3. Deal with all her minions before she sacrifices them, cause if even one is alive when she does, she will take no damage.

4. Switch to a defensive paradigm to block Sadistic Surge.

5. Switch to a healing paradigm to revive characters for first round.

6. Repeat Steps 1 through 5 until defeated.

And you have about a minute to do all of this. And let me tell you from personal experience, this is not enough time. Oh, i beat her, 5 hours and masterful paradigm switching accomplished that much, but in the end, it just was not worth the effort. And no, i didn’t get her Monster Crystal.


Honestly, i think the Nabaat fight isn’t well balanced, but maybe its just me. I know people that can clear a game like Uncharted in only 4 hours, so safe to say, i’m not the greatest gamer, but i do know the difference between making a fight an enjoyable challenge, and making a fight frustrating and annoying. All in all, i can’t recommend the Nabaat DLC unless you enjoy a challenge. Otherwise, it wouldn’t hurt to skip over this one.