Folks, i had not planned on reviewing the second chapter of this series, but if this keeps up the way it did with this chapter, i may just have to cover this whole series bit by bit, because this was BAD.

Someone has seen one too many Disney movies in their day.

Our chapter begins with Makura in a hospital bed sleeping. We don’t get any reason why she’s sleeping, she just kinda is. No, i’m serious. She’s not dead, she’s not in a Coma, she’s just sleeping. And also we have way to romantic of a doctor treating her for my tastes.

In the 1940's, this guy might of passed as charming. Now he's just creepy.

Now, allow me to repeat myself. She is not Dead. She is not in a Coma. She is just Sleeping. She can’t wake up on her own, and that does sound like a Coma, but the manga goes out of it’s way to clarify with it’s audience, that she is not in a Coma, just Sleeping.That leaves me with one question… WHO THE FUCK IS THE FLOWING BITCH!

Begone Demon! You will not suck out my soul today!

So here’s the story. Makura was found sleeping in the Botanical Garden and when she wouldn’t wake up, she was taken to a hospital. Now, it is hinted at that she was pricked by a rose and that’s what put her to sleep, and if that is the case, then i really wish the story would have just flat out told us. As thinks are left now, i’m just left with dozens of questions and no answers, along with no desire to continue reading after being tricked into continuing this series by the hands of a false cliffhanger. However, the next 20 pages does make me realize that this story may be less about Makura, and more about Keisuke.

I have a different Theory in mind.

Let’s look at the facts of this chapter, shall we? Keisuke is the only one that can see Makura as a ghost. Now, that’s a common enough plot thread, but there’s more. She has no memory of what happened to her, and it hasn’t been clarified that she has any memories but the ones that both her and Keisuke share. For example, one of the bigger events of the first chapter was Makura spotting Shirai teasing Keisuke, which lead to this whole mess, but Makura has yet to show she has any recollection of that. But that’s not the only thing weird. Even though she’s suppose to be a ghost, she can get wet and feels solid to Keisuke, shown in this really inappropriate image.

I think she gets the point! Oh Yes! Feel the Pain!

This leads me to believe that Keisuke is just imagining the Makura he’s seeing, and rather than this be a fun romantic romp that this series seem to be leading down, and instead will be a series about Keisuke trying to get over the death of his friend who he’s known for all his life. Anyway, the chapter ends with…


… SO SHE DOES REMEMBER! THEN WTF IS SHE! She’s not dead, so she’s not a ghost. An out of body experience maybe, but… ow, my brain. I haven’t been this confused since the ending of Room 33. This chapter sucked so bad. There’s no explanation yet as to what she is, and frankly, the characters are way to copy and paste from other romance series for me to care. So, most likely, i’ll be back next week to bitch about chapter 3. Cause hey, i’m optimistic, this series might pick itself up in later chapters, right… right?